July, 2011

The FCIT website provides a lot of useful materials for you to use, as well as links to valuable information outside of the FCIT site  . One of those sites is THINKQUEST – ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT, This is a collection of unique educational web sites created by students for students through the ThinkQuest competitions and programs offered each year. It’s also a great place to get ideas for your own classroom projects for this upcoming school year!

To find the link from inside the FCIT homepage go to: under  ONLINE PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS click on EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CLEARINGHOUSE under SUBJECTS click ARTS:THEATRE. You will see a list of theater-related resources. Click the last one THINKQUEST – ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.

To learn more about the Thinkquest Competitions, go to

The 2011 Thinkquest Competition Winners have been announced! See them at

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