February is Black History Month

January 26, 2011

February has several “celebrations” on the calendar, one of which is Black History Month. Dramatic readings, short plays, puppet shows, reader’s theater, student podcasts,  student interviews with “historical figures,” and narrated PowerPoint presentations are Drama/theater-type activities that can bring to life the history in Black History Month.

FCIT can be helpful to you and your students in the development of those projects. For example, by doing a clipart search on FCIT, one can find images of Black Americans in the days of slavery, living conditions, and fighting in the Civil War, as well as many other topics. At Lit2Go, a large collection of African-American literature is available.

Perhaps your class is studying the Civil War. Do they know the roll that the African-American infantry played in the Civil War? Check out the “Siege of Petersburg” images at http://fcit.usf.edu/search/index.php?searchWords=African+American+History&mySubmit=Search.

While you are on that search page, check out Frederick Douglass, an African-American abolitionist who was the first African American leader of national stature in the United States.

Lit2Go offers a large collection of African-American Literature – poems, stories, and written accounts of the lives of real African-Americans. Find this treasure at http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/index.htm. Also find some of the Lit2Go African-American Literature resources on iTunes U > University of South Florida.    Enjoy!

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