Creative Introductions

August, 2011

Here’s a way to get your new class of students to introduce themselves in a creative and fun “working-together” way.

Use the THINKQUEST – ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT link (discussed in the July blog)  Click on ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT and then THEATRE. Scroll down to “LIFE ON THE STRINGS.”

Using this puppetry website created by students, introduce them to the history of puppetry. Then have them work in groups of 2s or 3s to create a little skit in which the students tell something about themselves to each other by using a puppet that they make to represent themselves. The students could actually make their puppets as a home project, being sure that their puppet’s design illustrates some feature, personality trait, cultural heritage, hobby, etc. of the student. Each group would present their puppet skit to the rest of the class. Using puppets to introduce one’s self to two other puppets would probably be a lot less intimidating at the beginning of the year than addressing the entire class at one time.

Suggestion: If the students enjoy creating their puppets and skits, perhaps throughout the year, they can use that format to present other learning projects.

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