The “Act” of Communicating

October, 2011

In our FCIT monthly blogs, we have the goal of sharing resources on our FCIT site that will enhance knowledge and instruction regarding our specific subject area – DRAMA/THEATER in this case.

While reading other subject area blogs this week, I came across some information in the SOCIAL STUDIES blog that is very important for teachers and students to review AND is quite relevant to incorporating DRAMA/THEATER into the classroom.

One helpful resource discussed in the SOCIAL STUDIES blog is The Big Deal Book, which is a free, electronic publication which offers lots of teaching resources on many topics. In addition, there are sources for grants and help with research and assessment.

Part of The Big Deal Book is a special section called WEB WEDNESDAY.  The topic for this month’s WEB WEDNESDAY is 21st Century Learning and Innovation Skills: Communication. The article addresses the “act of communicating involving verbal, nonverbal, and paraverbal components” and how these 3 components are used to send clear, concise messages and to interpret correctly the messages sent. Here is where DRAMA/THEATER can play a major role in students developing a clearer understanding of communication skills. Check out this URL for great information to share with students and for some fun and instructional activities that are perfect for adding some drama/theater in your classroom! Be sure to check out the ABOUT.COM site listed under “IT’S HOW YOU SAY IT.”

Another helpful resource in the SOCIAL STUDIES blog addresses the CITING OF SOURCES when preparing papers, reports, presentations, etc. This particular blog entry listed 3 web sites that assist users in properly citing sources such as magazines, books, film, and the web. Those web sites are:


Son of  Machine

Easy Bib

*Reminder:  FCIT provides royalty-free illustrations, pictures, and audio clips for teacher/student use at ClipArt ETC, ClipPix ETC, and ClipAudio ETC.  From FCITs home page, just click the appropriate link in the listing of resources to quickly find these jewels.

If you haven’t done so, yet, please take time to read the other FCIT blogs, especially the SOCIAL STUDIES blog since I’m highlighting relevant information from it in the DRAMA/THEATER blog this month. Many thanks to MDE Jeanne Rogers who has done a GREAT job on providing such terrific information on her SOCIAL STUDIES blog!


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