Coloring Clip Art

Clipart reproduced in black and white can have color added to the image using an image editing program.

To color clip art download a black and white clipart image from

Bags of coffee stackedOpen the B&W clipart image in GIMP, a free Open Source image editing program, or use your favorite program like Photoshop. If using a program other then GIMP the exact steps will be different.  Change the Image Mode to RGB, select Image > Mode > RGB. Create a new layer above the background clipart layer. Set the layer blending mode to Multiply, this allows the black color to show through the color being applied. On the new layer add colors using the paint brush and other coloring tools.

Extensions: To help manage colors create a new layer for each color used, be sure to set the blending mode to multiply for each layer. If you place two or more colors on one layer they can be blended together using the smear tool.

Educational: Providing students the opportunity to color an image gives them a task to accomplish that requires examining details within the image.

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