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Flea – Jumping power of the Flea

When creating videos, clipart images can be incorporated to help tell the story. In this video about Fleas,,  by Malcolm  and Greg Sutton you can see the use of clipart. If you are interested in fleas here is a … Continue reading

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Portraits: More then head and shoulders

Portraits are often thought of as being photographs, paintings, drawings, or engravings of a person often depicted by showing their head and shoulders. In school this is how we usually think about the term portrait especially when the photographer comes … Continue reading

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Animating Inanimate Objects

Ever try to make a statue talk? In this tutorial you will learn to use Photoshop CS5’s Puppet Warp tool to animate a statue’s image. Continue reading

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Presidents Day

Ever wonder what Martin Van Buren or James Knox Polk looked like? How about other  presidents? For your next project FCIT has clipart illustrations of the presidents for student use, To learn more about U.S. presidents and their contributions … Continue reading

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Musical Instrument Museum

This morning on NPR radio there was a story about the Musical Instrument Museum located in Phoenix, AZ. The Musical Instrument Museum houses musical instruments from around the world. A tour of the museum allows visitors to view … Continue reading

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Coloring Clip Art

Clipart reproduced in black and white can have color added to the image using an image editing program. To color clip art download a black and white clipart image from Open the B&W clipart image in GIMP, a free … Continue reading

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Illustrating Lit2Go Stories

Lit2Go provides copyright free audio stories for educational use. You can find Lit2Go stories within iTunes U Lit2Go and on the Web at The web site provides PDF files for each story providing text and images which allow students … Continue reading

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