February – National Children’s Dental Health Month

Smile!  Dental health care is associated with more than just brushing and flossing.  The Florida Dental Association serves Florida with information regarding oral health care, access to dental care, as well as dental education.  They also provide access to curriculum on their web site on current topics for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

Middle school students will be captivated by the some of the topics that dominate their world today.  Curriculum has been developed by this organization on topics such as Oral Piercing, Soda Consumption, Smokeless Tobacco, and Mouthguards.  Each unit contains a lesson plan, presentation, activity and an assessment that helps students understand the effects and dieseases that affect their health. 

Curricular topics for elementary students are also available.  Topics such as Meet Your Mouth, Let’s Talk Teeth, The Plaque Attack, Tips for Terrific Teeth, and A Trip to the Dentist Office contain lesson plans along with reproducible worksheets.

Both elementary and middle school resources address the Sunshine State Standards “Health Literacy.”

Additional activities for Dental Health Month are located at:
Apples 4 the Teacher contains dental health information and activities for elementary students.
The American Dental Association has classroom ideas and activities available for teachers.  Access their Smile Smarts! dental health curriculum for preschool through grade 8 students.  Don’t forget to explore dental careers with your middle and high school students!

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