Looking Forward: TIM 2.0

Right now, a team of committed individuals is working hard to expand FCIT’s Technology Integration Matrix (TIM).

The Matrix combines five levels of technology integration with five characteristics of teaching and learning to create a table – a matrix – of twenty-five cells. The Matrix gives us a common vocabulary to talk about technology integration in Florida classrooms and a way to help focus our professional development. The current Matrix includes links to two videos in each of the twenty-five cells. The videos show examples of lessons at each level in Florida classrooms from all over the state teaching a variety of different subject areas.

The Matrix is a terrific resource, but it’s about to get even better. That committed team is in the process of creating dozens of new videos to add to the Matrix. When we’re finished, each cell will contain links to four videos – including lessons in science, math, social studies, and language arts. Basically, you’ll be able to look at examples of the entire Matrix within each of those four core subject areas.

We believe that four subject area-specific matrices will aid in professional development. Also, having twice as many examples within each cell will make it easier to understand the levels of the Matrix. If you have hyperlinks and bookmarks pointed at the current Matrix, fear not. Our plan is to keep the old site up in its current location for just that reason. But we hope you’ll check out all of the new content once it becomes available.

One of the best things about working on this project is getting to meet wonderful teachers and students across the state and getting to visit so many exciting classrooms. I am personally grateful to all of the educators who have allowed us to come into their classrooms to share their work with a broader audience. Expect to see the new TIM very early in 2011!

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