Veterans History Project

Next week, we will observe Veteran’s Day. Thinking of the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans, I was reminded of a great lesson plan available on FCIT’s No Strings Attached site. This project involves language arts and social studies. It is intended for high school students, but could easily be adapted for younger students.

Veterans of Past American Wars Project

Image source: Exploring Florida

Image source: Exploring Florida

In this No Strings Attached lesson plan, a Florida high school teacher has his students interview WWII veterans. In some cases, the kids interview their grandfathers, but the teacher also went to local veteran’s organizations to find interview subjects for his students. This is a great example of a cross-curricular lesson. The students are developing language arts skills at the same time they are working within several social studies strands (i.e. Time, Continuity, and Change; Individuals, Groups, and Institutions; Civic Ideals and Practices; etc.). This lesson gives students an authentic context to practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, research, and interview skills. 

In addition to the information covered in the NSA lesson plan, the Library of Congress website offers helpful information for students on how to conduct oral history interviews.

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