Standards Search Engine

Need to reference one of Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards but can’t find it? Just access the Standards Search Engine.

Memorizing the number of an oft-cited standard may be important, but I’d rather focus that mental energy on the students and let FCIT’s servers do the work. With the standards search engine you can quickly conduct a keyword search of all of Florida’s standards with the press of a button. You can also focus your search on a particular subject area and a grade level. For instance, if you choose Language Arts and Grade Level 3 and enter “simile” in the search box, the search engine will return the three third grade standards that mention similes. If you leave the search box blank, it will return all of the standards for the selected grade level and subject area.

Using this tool, you may be able to save a few minutes while writing your lesson plans, and that’s always a nice thing!

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