NAEP Webinar for Science Analysis

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is teaming up with NSTA to conduct a web seminar on January 25, 2011 for people interested in learning more about NAEP data and the recently released NAEP Science 2009 report. Arnold Goldstein, Program Director for Design, Analysis, and Reporting in the Assessment Division, will lead attendees through the fundamentals of NAEP, and highlight differences in students’ performance based on demographic characteristics and how participating states compare to the national average. Register today!

Follow the link below for additional information and to register for this webinar:

About Kathleen Schofield

Kathleen Schofield is a Curriculum Specialist with the School District of Clay County concentrating primarily in K-12 Science. She is a Master Digital Educator for the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, and provides teacher professional development in the area on technology integration. She teaches Math Methods and Introduction to Technology in Education at the University of North Florida.
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