Introduction to Florida NGSSS in Civics – May 2011

The Online May Introduction to the Florida NGSSS Civics Standards class is open for enrollment.
This course introduces K-12 teachers to the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in Civics.  Participants will be provided with an overview of civics education in terms of its importance, its current state, and the standards that guide its curricula; and an increased awareness of the NGSSS in civics while providing learners with ideas and resources for implementation into instruction.  The course is a free, self-paced, non-facilitated program that will take approximately 5 hours to complete.

Access the following ( to begin the May enrollment process

Important Enrollment Information:
* Enrollment will close on April 20, 2011. Please note that enrollment will close early if we reach our capacity of 200 participants. The course is no longer available when it is no longer on the course calendar.

* As you complete the enrollment form, please be sure to enter your email address correctly. All communication for this course will be delivered via email.

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