Thomas Jefferson

Annual Message to Congress December 15, 1802, is part of the collection found on Lit2Go .   Many of the stories and poems found on this site are a means for sharing the classics.  However, there are also many political type documents and information on famous historical figures.

Here’s a selection from Jefferson’s Message to Congress, chosen to be used to begin conversation regarding the current state of affairs.  You will wish to share with students information regarding the English speech and grammar used at that time.

“Another year has come around, and finds us still blessed with peace and friendship abroad; law, order, and religion at home; good affection and harmony with our Indian neighbors; our burthens lightened, yet our income sufficient for the public wants, and the produce of the year great beyond example.”

Ask students to explain the meaning behind the words.  What was going on in America in 1802?  What are some examples of “our income sufficient for the public wants”?  Have students compare and contrast life from the 1800’s to the present time.

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