Standards and Software

Standards & Software is a free teacher resource that offers suggested teaching strategies and sample lesson plans on integrating technology in the classroom using tool-based software while meeting the Florida Sunshine State Standards and the Work Force Applied Technology Standards.  When selecting the technology tool you wish to use consider this.  If you are working on a crossword puzzle, what would be the best tool to use: pencil, crayon, pen, marker?   That is what you need to do  when considering technology options. You have to choose the proper technology for the task you wish to accomplish.

Here is an example.  You want students to summarize class discussions on a particular current event.  Students could use a word processing software to record comments, prepare a blog entry, share information through PowerPoint or Keynote, create a podcast and so on.

The resources at Standards & Software will offer lesson suggestions and provide information on technology software available for both WIN and Mac.

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