President’s Picnic

February offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate the lives of our American President’s.

Abraham Lincoln StatuePhoto from FCIT ClipPix.
Inform students that they are going to have a Presidents Picnic.  Students will be researching the lives of  Presidents of the United States.  Provide a list of President names for the students to select from.

Have students use the internet site below to locate the following information on the President they have been assigned.   Students will decide how to write, type and edit the information. Students work together accessing the website, reading and locating information, and editing.

Access the internet site

Select the White House from the main menu bar and take a look at the interactive
tour, after which you will access information on the Presidents of the United States. Presidents are listed in chronological order based on their term of office.  A portrait slide show, biographical sketch, and links to First Ladies are available.

Tell students their “report” is to be placed on a paper plate.  The Presidents name is to be in the center and the following information to be included is suggested: birth date, origin, years in office, conflict while in office (personal or global), and unusual happenings while in office.   Include other items that coincide with your own curriculum focus.   Plates should be decorated with red, white, and blue!

Consider using a paper picnic tablecloth to serve as a background to the paper plates for a display.

Ask students what they learned from this activity.  Answers will range from specific facts about the Presidents to opinions on what the President should have done in a certain instance.  Authentic assessment is easy to apply to this activity.

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