Kindle Class Connection

Did you know that you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book?  Did you know you can download the Kindle app to your computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch?  The Kindle app is free and there are about 1.8 million free titles according to the website.  Most of the free books are classics, ones that are out of copyright, but there are others by less known authors that provide a “good read”.  Here’s the link to the Kindle App for the PC and Kindle on a Mac.

Reading a book on a computer won’t be nearly as enjoyable as ‘curling up with a good book’, but it is an opportunity to expose students to literature and tie in to curriculum topics. By accessing Kindle books, you will find titles that you can use in the classroom.  Take a look at the Top 100 Free titles from Kindle books.  One book title, ‘Chasing an Iron Horse Or, A Boy’s Adventures in the Civil War’ by Edward Robins, provides a look at a locomotive chase that actually occurred during the Civil War.

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