National Parks

Students will investigate National Parks by using a variety of reference materials and online sites. By understanding the significance of the various National Parks, students will be able to answer the essential question, “What measures are being taken to preserve our National Parks?”.

The FCIT collection of digital images includes images related to the De Soto National Memorial.

Information regarding this park, which includes a video, images and related links can be found here.

Monument of Hernando De Soto

As students research National Parks, it is wise to provide additional guidance when using the web. Teachers may choose to prepare a page with links on the school web page or the individual teacher’s site/blog.  Limit the web sites to be used.  Anyone who has explored on the web knows the amount of time used to find “just what I am looking for”.  Students do not have class time to leisurely explore, time is always at a premium during the day. By preselecting web sites and by providing a chart or table for the student to complete, online time is both productive and successful.  Below is a sample of a student web search activity sheet.

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