Inspiration Maps for the iPad

Inspiration Maps is a visual learning tool for the iPad.  Users of Inspiration and Kidspiration know that this product is great for helping students build knowledge, review for tests, organize thoughts for writing and analyze information.

Here’s a suggestion for use:
Was the road to the Civil War inevitable? What were its causes?
“Create an outline of events leading up to the Civil War  in order to answer the essential question.”
Images used are from The Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT).


Inspiration Maps for the iPad is very easy to use.  A few of the many features for Inspiration Maps for the iPad include numerous templates, the ability to share files via Dropbox or iTunes.  You can use images from the web or the iPad camera to include in the brainstorming maps. Tap your way to success choosing changes for background, shapes, text, color and more. The App saves automatically and allows the user to add hyperlinks and notes to various topics on the map.   I found it a bit cumbersome to use Safari to search for information on the iPad and then return to Inspiration Maps.  Working with students, I would be sure to encourage them to locate images and information first and then insert it into the graphic organizer.

Inspiration Maps for the iPad is available through iTunes for $9.99.  Good news for educators is the fact that Inspiration Maps is part of Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan for Education.  Get a free app for every 20 purchased.

Resource for using Inspiration Maps



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