Learning About the Presidency


lincoln_3_smFebruary provides educators an opportunity to instruct students on the office of the President as well as specific information on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  With this year’s Inauguration recently completed, students may be curious about the lives of other US Presidents.

There is a fine collection of domain free images of former Presidents on the USF FCIT website.  Images can be used by students in reports or in a timeline.


The Smithsonian site offers many resources for classroom use.  The American Presidency includes a timeline, opportunity for close reading, nonfiction reading practice for FCAT testing and teacher resources.  The teacher materials available include lesson plans that are separated for grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.  The lesson plans include goals, standards, background information for teachers and student activities.


The information on the building of the White House and even on weddings that took place in the White House provide students a glimpse into the past.  Actual museum pieces from the Smithsonian add depth to the information presented.

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