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The Bill of Rights

Read the United States Bill of Rights, which was proposed by James Madison.  Older students may find the Bill of Rights in its original form here. Younger students may read the amendments using  Fact Monster. Select three of the first ten amendments … Continue reading

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Strategies for Common Core and Social Studies

Teachers have a toolbox filled with best practices, strategies, differentiation tips and so forth.  Among the tool collection these days are strategies used to teach the Common Core Standards. The Mystery Strategy encourages students to be history detectives as they … Continue reading

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March is Music in Our Schools Month

“Music In Our Schools Month – March 2013 – is a perfect time to get involved and do your part to ensure that America’s students have access to a comprehensive, sequential music education taught by exemplary music educators!”, as stated … Continue reading

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Use Flubaroo and save time correcting papers. Have you heard of Flubaroo? It works in conjunction with Google Docs, but is not a Google script.  You can find Flubaroo on the web and install from there.  It will then show as a choice in your Google spreadsheet tool … Continue reading

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Learning About the Presidency

  February provides educators an opportunity to instruct students on the office of the President as well as specific information on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  With this year’s Inauguration recently completed, students may be curious about the lives of … Continue reading

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Inspiration Maps for the iPad

Inspiration Maps is a visual learning tool for the iPad.  Users of Inspiration and Kidspiration know that this product is great for helping students build knowledge, review for tests, organize thoughts for writing and analyze information. Here’s a suggestion for use: … Continue reading

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National Parks

Students will investigate National Parks by using a variety of reference materials and online sites. By understanding the significance of the various National Parks, students will be able to answer the essential question, “What measures are being taken to preserve our … Continue reading

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2012 Kids Voting Mock Presidential Election

  Students across the Tampa Bay area will be participating in Kids Voting USA.  Voting will take place using the DoubleClick Democracy online voting system.  Voting opens on October 29 and ends November 6.  Results are expected to be posted online … Continue reading

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September 17 is Constitution Day.

Can you identify the contributions these men made to the Constitution?         Robert Morris                       Oliver Ellsworth Resources for teachers: US Constitution Day Activities and Lesson Plans | Constitution Facts … Continue reading

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Local USA Guide

Assigning research for states, cities and counties is made easier by accessing information from Quest USA.  Use the search engine and enter the city, state, or county or just enter the zip code.  Information presented includes a map, statistics on … Continue reading

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