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Use Flubaroo and save time correcting papers. Have you heard of Flubaroo? It works in conjunction with Google Docs, but is not a Google script.  You can find Flubaroo on the web and install from there.  It will then show as a choice in your Google spreadsheet tool … Continue reading

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Summer suggestions

Summer – a time for relaxation, picnics, and outings.  It is also a time when educators take stock of what they have accomplished and how they can develop future lessons. Here are a few web sites that offer useful classroom … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Domain

Register at Teacher’s Domain and gain access to thousands of resources, support materials, and best practices for differentiating instruction.  Materials are available through public broadcasting and its partners.  Browse Teachers’ Domain resources by your individual state educational frameworks, national standards, or … Continue reading

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Add Color to American History

You can add color to the clip art from FCIT by using a desktop image editor from Aviary, called Phoenix. Phoenix is a web-based application and offers free online image and photo editing.  It works like PhotoShop in that you … Continue reading

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Access DropMocks and drop your photos in.  One photo is profiled while the others appear faded in the background.  A classroom presentation can be created using 5 images from FCIT, for example.  In my sample, I chose to use photos … Continue reading

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Technology Integration Matrix

From the FCIT website…The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments: active, constructive, goal directed (i.e., reflective), authentic, and collaborative (Jonassen, … Continue reading

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