Areas of Interest

Clipart ETC

No cheesy animated smiley faces here. Instead you will find over 40,000 quality examples of (mostly nineteenth century) illustration. Use it as a reference guide to historic styles or a ready source for collage images. The site is an indispensable resource whenever the Art department is called upon to design sets or costumes for a school play. The following is just a small sample of the hundreds of categories of illustration you'll find on this site:

Exploring Florida

This site was created to support Florida history, but also contains thousands of photos from around Florida of use in the art room.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

The Teachers' Guide offers a surprisingly rich resource of materials for high school art classes. Visual Artss, History, Literature, and Music sections make this an ideal topic for an interdisciplinary unit. Four sections of the Guide relate to the Visual Artss:

The Guide contains hundreds of photographs of the works along with lesson plans and other background information needed for a Holocaust themed unit including production, art history, criticism, and aesthetics

Presentations ETC

Here's a great resource if you have your students making PowerPoint or Keynote presentations in class. (Or if other subject area teachers ask for you to help their students with presentation design.) The various presentation backgrounds can also be used in other digital projects.

Multicultural Education through Miniatures

This site includes photographs of handmade dolls and puppets from cultures around the world.


A large audiobook collection of books, poems, and short stories for K12. Many of the stories and poems make excellent idea starters for visual arts projects.

TechEase for Mac or Windows

If you are using computers in your Art classroom, you know the value of quick, to-the-point tech help. No long-winded manuals here. The site is arranged around questions real teachers have when using technology. Some of the topics include short videos or printable PDFs that are great to use with your students.

Educational Technology Clearinghouse

Links to Arts websites, organizations, and lesson plans.

Search engine for the Florida Visual Arts standards.

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Colleen Beaudoin is a former high school mathematics teacher. She currently provides professional development and mentoring services to middle and high school teachers in the state of Florida.