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Clipart ETC

Thousands of quality images are available free for teacher and student use. (See license agreement on website.) On the CLIPART homepage, click on SEARCH DATABASE for DRAMA or THEATER and receive a multitude of illustrations and information on historic theaters, writers, and actors. Search the SITE MAP or the TOP-LEVEL HEADINGS for illustrations that can be used for costuming, set design, programs, writing reports, plays, stories, etc.


On the homepage, under SUBJECTS, click on ARTS: THEATRE. At this site you can find lots of general information such as a glossary of theatrical terms, technical theater information, bookstore with scripts, musicals, and resources for purchase, and a link to ThinkQuest - Arts and Entertainment. ThinkQuest is a library of "over 7000 websites created by students around the world who have participated in a ThinkQuest Competition." In the SEARCH BOX, type in DRAMA or THEATER or DRAMA IN THE CLASSROOM and be amazed at the work done by students for student use.


Want students to give a report on some aspect of Florida history, say a famous Floridian, perhaps a famous circus showman and promoter? Have them check out John Ringling on the EXPLORING FLORIDA website. Then, instead of listening to the "Oh, no, not another written report," listen to the "YES!!!!!" when you tell students they are to present their report in some dramatic fashion: perhaps dressing in costume as John Ringling, or narrating the story dressed as a circus clown, or doing a puppet show to get their information across to the other students. Search the EXPLORING FLORIDA website using terms "DRAMA," "THEATER," or "DRAMA THEATER," and get more ideas of the influence "drama and theater" had in Florida history.


Do your students start getting a "little tired" after so many FCAT reading practices and tests? Why not jolt them back to some enthusiasm by letting students work together to make a game show activity using one of the reading practices in FCAT EXPRESS? The students could be tasked with the responsibility of showing students how they can find the correct answer in the passage and can demonstrate various other test-taking tips that have been covered in class. When they return to the "formal" reading practices, they should feel reinvigorated.


"The Hare and the Hedgehog," written as a play by the Brothers Grimm, and when used as a learning activity, it can meet Sunshine State Standards LA.A.2.1, LA.B.2.1, and LA.E.2.1: The student…. constructs meaning from a wide range of texts, writes to communicate ideas and information effectively, and responds critically to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The theme of the story is "compromise," and the reading strategy is "compare and contrast." At LIT2GO, you can download a Mp3 so students can hear the story read and download a PDF so students can break up into groups and have a short readers theater by reading the play. They can practice their reading fluency, pronunciation, and reading expressions.

LIT2GO is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format. The Mp3s play on Mp3 players as well as computers. You can also view the text on a webpage and read along as you listen, or print out the stories and poems.


Classroom Assessment

Free online course materials help classroom teachers learn about how to effectively design and use different kinds of assessments.

Tech Ease

Tech Ease is a collection of tech support articles and videos specifically designed for classroom teachers. The site includes printable tutorials and desktop videos on topics such as podcasting, managing your files, and printing.

Sunshine State Standards Search

Navigating the Sunshine State Standards has never been easier. Search by subject area, keyword, and grade level.

Technology Integration Matrix

This site is a self-assessment tool for professional development in technology integration. Here, you will find example videos of technology in use at various levels.

ESOL Tapestry

Tapestry provides professional development resources for those teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). This is a series of video lectures by experts in the field.

Presentation backgrounds (from Presentations, ETC)

Have you ever gotten tired of the same old presentation backgrounds that came with your software? FCIT’s presentation site can open up your creative vistas with over 20,000 Powerpoint templates and Keynote themes to make your work look professional as well as creative, all free for classroom teachers.

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Sharon Sudduth is a former early-childhood and elementary teacher, K-12 technology teacher, and 19-year elementary principal. As principal, she and the staff had the opportunity to transition a small inner-city school into a thriving magnet school. The focus of the magnet being to integrate the arts into academic instruction, thus providing a variety of learning modes for the students. Drama proved to offer a wealth of learning opportunities for students in the classroom setting as well as in the drama class.

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