Configuring Various Web Servers to Serve HyperStudio Stacks


  1. Serving from a user’s account


  1. Serving from any account on the server:


NOTE: Also keep in mind that you must change the UNIX file permissions for
any stacks and/or HTML files you upload. This can be done by typing: chmod
644 filename where filename is the name of the file you wish to modify.


  1. If you are using Mac Web:


  1. If you are using WebSTAR:

Action: BINARY

File Suffix: .STK

File Type: TEXT Creator: *

MIME Type: application/hstu


  1. If you are running HTTP Web Server


  1. If you are running Internet Information Server (IIS)


Florida Center for Instructional Technology 1998
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA

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