Photos: Terezín

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Jewish cemetery at Terezín. More than 9,000 inmates from the Terezín ghetto are buried here.
Crematorium at the Jewish cemetery.
View of cemetery.
Memorial stone. Tem nekterym nebylo doprano mit hrob ve sve zemi. "Some of them were not fortunate enough to have graves in their own land."
Interior of crematorium.
Interior of crematorium.
Columbarium. Remains of ghetto residents were interred here until the Nazis dispersed the ashes in an attempt to cover their crimes. A plaque at the site reads: In the corridors of this fortification cardboard urns containing the ashes of the dead prisoners were deposited. All the urns--actually about 25,000--were removed by the SS at the end of 1944. Most of the ashes were thrown into the River Ohre. The remaining ashes were buried near the Litomerice concentration camp.
City walls of Terezín.

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