Basic Concepts Selected Response Constructed Response    


A. Bloom's Taxonomy
B. Writing Selected Response Assessment Items
C. Item Analysis



  1. Correlate objectives and assessment items to Bloom's Taxonomy.
  2. Write selected response assessment items that adhere to established guidelines.
  3. Conduct an item analysis; indicating the difficulty index and discrimination index of items.




Selected response assessment items (also referred to as objective assessments) include options such as multiple choice, matching, and true/false questions. These question types can be very effective and efficient methods for measuring students’ knowledge and reasoning. Because many of the standardized tests are based heavily on multiple choice questions, teachers should be skilled at developing effective objective assessment items. In addition, teachers should be able to construct quizzes that target higher level thinking skills (consistent with the application, analysis, and synthesis levels of Bloom’s taxonomy), and they should evaluate their instruments by conducting item analyses. 



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