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Line Up: Teacher Notes


Conceptual Knowledge

Scientific Notation
Relationship of Numbers

Procedural Knowledge

Simplify and Order Numbers and Expressions

Problem Solving

Which number is greater, -32 or (10 – 3 • 4)

Students work as a class

Sets of 4 cards with numbers or expressions on the front and message on the back.

Arrange the numbers represented below and justify your arrangement.

2/3 of 4 1/4 of 9 1/3 of 6 1/2 of 5

Estimate the result of each indicated operation:

20 x 23 251 + 274 223 x 2 600 x 196
  • These sets of numbers/expressions can be made as long or as complicated as you wish, depending on your class, the topic you are teaching, and the sentence you want them to use to check their results.

As a result of this activity, students will have an understanding of the relative size and equivalent forms of numbers.

Classroom observation.

  • Ask students to make up a set of cards in order to challenge another group of students.
  • Include positive and negative numbers.
  • Try some with variable expressions which need substitutions. For example, x2 will become smaller if -1 < x < 1 but larger if x < -1 or x > 1.
  • Use estimate (as shown above) to practice mental computation and speed.
  • Use sets of 4 cards in order. Then ask two groups of four to join, keeping in mind the relative values. Then ask two groups of eight to join, until you have all students around the room in correct order.

8th Grade Math Home > Teacher Resources > Activities > Line Up: Teacher Notes