Commemorative Plates

Subject: History

Grade Levels: 6 through 8


The students will research the life of a child who was a victim in the Holocaust and create a "commemorative plate" for their child to display in the school.

Sunshine State Standards:

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  1. After a discussion or previous lesson on the Holocaust, allow the students to research information via the Trackstar web site. I usually allow my students to pick a child to research (There is a general list available of all the children on the web site). There are also 5 questions available at this site that you can use for discussion or have the students answer in their research.
  2. Students are to look for these things in their research:
    • birth and death dates
    • place of birth
    • family information
    • picture of the child
  3. After the information is found, have students make their plates by printing, cutting out, and gluing their child's picture in the center of their plate. Underneath the picture, have the students neatly print the birth and death dates, place of birth, and family information they found. Some family information might not fit, so they might need to pick just one item to write about.
  4. After the class has finished their plates, vote on a title for the plates (this helps to make it seem like a series or limited edition, like the collector plates on TV or in magazines). Have the students print the title around the edges of their plates. Display in the classroom or hallway. Make a banner with the title to go with the display. Submitted by:

    Jennifer Austin: Northwood Hills Elementary

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