Raven' Beauties

Subject: Social Studies/Art Activity

Grade Levels: 6 through 12


Sunshine State Standards:

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Day One

Photographs of the Ravensbrück Women's Camp.

Memorial art at Ravensbrück Women's Camp.

Additional memorial art at Ravensbrück Women's Camp.

Review photographs taken on location. Introduce students to the Ravensbrück concentration camp for Women built in November 1938, in the Prussian village of Ravensbrück. Have students divide into groups, distribute topics for each group relating to:

Day Two
Photographs of the women of Ravensbrück.

Design a memorial postage stamp using one or more of the women.

Day Three
Finish stamps

Prepare for professional presentation

Day Four
Have each student explain the significance of his/her postage stamp and why they chose that person to honor.

The quality of the student's work can be assessed by :

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