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Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

All Men Are Created Equal. Students begin with a quotation from Lincoln and explore the theme of equality by reading news articles and by making a multimedia presentation.

ACTIVITY Number the Stars. By Lois Lowry. New York: Dell 1990

ACTIVITY Number the Stars. Florida Atlantic University - Holocaust Outreach Center: Fifth Grade Unit

ACTIVITY Number the Stars. This review by Carol Otis Hurst first appeared in Teaching K-8 Magazine.

ACTIVITY Resistance during the Holocaust. Student learn about different type of resistance.

ACTIVITY White Rose. Students become familiar with the White Rose resistance.

Lesson Plans on Other Sites

WebLink Resisters, Rescuers, and Bystanders from Gary M. Grobman's "The Holocaust--A Guide for Teachers."

WebLink Spiritual, Educational, and Physical Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, a six-day middle school unit by Sol A. Factor in PDF format.

Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education

The following materials from the State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education, Grades 9-12 will enrich your class's study of this topic. This manual was distributed to all Florida high schools in the spring of 1999 and should be available in your school resource center.

The Butterfly Unit 5 page 3
Resistance in the ghettos Unit 5 pages 13-15
Suggested Activities Unit 5 page17
I Have Not Seen a Butterfly Around Here:
Children's Poems from Terezín
Unit 5 pages 21-24
Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto Unit 5pages 35-44
Inside the Warsaw Ghetto Unit 5 page 47
Vocabulary Unit 7 pages 6-8
Content Overview Unit 7 pages 9-22
Suggested Activities Unit 7 pages 24-25
Chronology of Resistance Unit 7 pages 31-34
Did Jews Go Like Sheep to the Slaughter? Unit 7 pages 36-93

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