The initial design for A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust was created by graduate students in EME6613, Development of Technology-Based Instruction. This was taught by Dr. Ann Barron in the Instructional Technology program at the University of South Florida. The students included:

Mary Demoully
Ruth Folit
James Green
Chet Lyskawa
Alice Monroe
Ara Rogers
Drew Smith
Claire Stiglitz
Rich VanDeventer
Teri Wright

The project was completed by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

Dr. Roy Winkelman, Director

Design/development personnel of FCIT and graduate students who have contributed to the Teacher's Guide:
Dr. Jane Adamson
Ralph Bishop
Brendan Calandra
Cindy Campbell
Dr. Catherine Cavanaugh
John Fitzpatrick
Ruth Folit
Christine Harmes
Dr. Oeida Hatcher
Linda Hubbard
Kimberly Kalaydjian
Katherine Kemker
Lara Labastie
Dr. Chet Lyskawa
Michael McNaughton
Phillip McReynolds
Kristin Parker
Richard Raver
Ruth Roux-Rodriguez
Eddy Sass
Sabine Siekmann
Michael Sweeney
Phyllis Sweeney
Doris VanKampen
Tali Whiteley
Valerie Wright
Lynne Wyly

The Florida Center for Instructional Technology is funded by the Florida Department of Education, Office of Instructional Technology, the Honorable John Winn, Commissioner of Education.

Version 4.0 of the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust was produced in collaboration with Pinellas County School District; Largo, Florida.

Florida Department of Education press release, "Commissioner Brogan Unveils New CD-ROM, 'A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.'"

This resource has been produced to assist Florida's teachers in meeting the Florida State mandate for Holocaust education:

The history of the Holocaust (1933-1945), the systematic, planned annihilation of European Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany, a watershed event in the history of humanity, to be taught in a manner that leads to an investigation of human behavior, an understanding of the ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping, and an examination of what it means to be a responsible and respectful person, for the purposes of encouraging tolerance of diversity in a pluralistic society and for nurturing and protecting democratic values and institutions.

Florida Statute 233.061

Special thanks to the following for their support and resources:

Florida Holocaust Museum: Stephen Goldman, Director; Noreen Brand, Education Director

The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida: Tess Wise, Executive Director.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Beate Klarsfeld Foundation: Beate Klarsfeld, Director.

Anne Frank Center USA: Dr. Joyce Apsel, Director of Education.

Holocaust Resource Center and Archives: Dr. William L. Schulman, Director

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School: William C. Fray and Lisa Spar, Co-Directors.

National Resource Center for Middle Grades Education: Dr. Sandra Schurr, Director.

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork.

Dr. Carnot Nelson, Associate Chairperson and Professor of Psychology, University of South Florida.

Dr. Charles Arnade, Distinguished Professor of International Affairs, University of South Florida.

Dr. Steven Permuth, College of Education, University of South Florida.

Professor Gary Evans, Dawson College and McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Ronald J. Vierling, Writer-in-Residence, The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida.

Dr. Ellen Heckler, Director, Holocaust Outreach Center, Florida Atlantic University

Claire Stiglitz, Holocaust Educator, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Jill Rothenburg, Teacher, McIntosh Middle School, Sarasota, Florida.

Rabbi Dov Kentof, Director of Education and Youth, Jacksonville Jewish Center.

Alina Kentof, Hebrew/Judaics Teacher, Jacksonville Jewish Center.

G. E. Farrell, Playwright.

Chris Nicolella, Photographer.

Philip Trauring, Photographer.

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A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology,
College of Education, University of South Florida © 1997-2013.

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