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Bendlerblock. The execution site of the conspirators in Hitler's asassination attempt. (7 photographs)
Bernburg "Euthanasia" Facility. Over 15,000 men, women, and children were murdered in the gas chamber here. (15 photographs)
Bobigny station. This train station was used to transport French Jews imprisoned at Drancy to Auschwitz. (4 photographs)
Eagle's Nest. The Kehlsteinhaus, commonly called the "Eagle's Nest," was built on the Kehlstein Mountain high above Obersalzberg as present for Hitler on his fiftieth birthday. (25 photographs)
Kaunas (Kovno) Jewish Cemetery. Views of the cemetery showing the results of years of vandalism and neglect. The city of Kaunas, Lithuania was known to its Jewish residents as Kovno. (32 photographs)
Plötzensee Memorial Center. This center, located in Berlin, marks the execution place of over 2,500 victims of the Third Reich judiciary. (12 photographs)
Corrie ten Boom Museum. This museum is located in Haarlem, Holland, and contains the secret room described in Corrie ten Boom's book, The Hiding Place. (10 photographs)
Venice Jewish Ghetto. This ghetto was established in 1516 in the section of Venice where foundaries were located. The word "ghetto" is derived from the Italian word "gettare" which means to cast in metal. (18 photographs)
Wannsee Conference House. The meeting to plan the destruction of European Jewery was held in this fashionable suburb of Berlin. (10 photographs)
Warsaw Jewish Cemetery. This neglected cemetery was founded in 1806 and contains over 100,000 tombstones. (17 photographs)
The White Rose. The White Rose was the name of a Munich student group which opposed the Nazi regime. Members of this group produced and distributed resistance literature and paid for their actions with their lives. (35 photographs)

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