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Anne Frank Memorials. Views of the house where Anne and her family hid, a memorial statue in Amsterdam, and her barracks at Westerbork transit camp. (10 photographs)
Gdansk: Cemetery of the Lost Cemeteries. The Cemetery of the Lost Cemeteries in Gdansk, Poland commemorates the cemeteries that have been lost. (14 photographs)
Hamburg: Holocaust Memorials. Monuments including Here & Now, the Heine Statue, the Black Form--Dedicated to the Missing Jews, the Joseph-Carlebach-Platz Synagogue Monument, and the Square of the Deported Jews. (15 photographs)
Memorials to Homosexual Victims of Fascism. Monuments in Amsterdam, Berlin, Sachsenhausen, and Neuengamme. (11 photographs)
Jerusalem: Yad Vashem Memorial. The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, Israel. (11 photographs)
Kaunas: Various Memorials. Monuments to the former ghetto, Sugihara, and the child victims of the Holocaust. (16 photographs)
Janusz Korczak Memorials. Sculptures commemorating the man who chose to accompany the orphans in his charge to the gas chambers of Treblinka. (8 photographs)
Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial: Tour. View the components of this memorial in the order a visitor experiences them. Included are: the beginning sculpture, the arbor of history, the dome of contemplation, a sculpture of love and anguish, the memorial wall, and the final sculpture. (21 photographs)
Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial: A Sculpture of Love and Anguish Details of the central sculpture group at Kenneth Treister's Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial. The sculpture group consists of a monumental raised hand covered with figures and surrounded by additional free-standing figures. (27 photographs)
Paris: Holocaust Memorial. The Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation is dedicated to the memory of the 200,000 individuals deported from France to German concentration camps during World War II. (10 photographs)
Salzburg: Euthanasia Memorial. Salzburg memorial to the victims of euthanasia. (5 photographs)
Memorials to Sinti and Roma Victims of Fascism. Monuments at Mauthausen, Buchenwald, Munich, and Ravensbrück. (24 photographs)
United States: Holocaust Memorial Museums. Photographs of museums in New York and Washington D.C. (10 photographs)
Venice: Arbit Blatas' Holocaust Bas-Reliefs. A series of seven bas-relief wall plaques depicting deportation, Kristalnacht, the quarry, punishment, execution, the Warsaw Uprising, and the final solution. (31 photographs)
Venice: Arbit Blatas' Deportation Memorial. A bas-relief plaque set into a wall with the names of those deported from the Venice ghetto. (18 photographs)
Vienna: Jewish Museum. A display of looted and rescued ceremonial objects from Austrian synagogues. (11 photographs)
Vienna: Judenplatz. Rachel Whiteread's Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust at Judenplatz in Vienna. (12 photographs)
Warsaw: Ghetto Monument. This memorial in Warsaw commemorates the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. (8 photographs, 1 object movie)
Warsaw: Memorial Route of the Jewish Martyrdom and Struggle. This memorial begins at the Warsaw Ghetto Monument and leads the visitor along a path of markers ending at the Umschlagplatz. (13 photographs)
Warsaw: Umschlagplatz. This monument marks the site of the deportation station for the Warsaw ghetto. (7 photographs)
Warsaw Uprising Memorial. This monument is located on Krasinski Square, Warsaw, a site of fierce fighting during the uprising. It consists of two groups of figures. (7 photographs)

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