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PReP (Prereading Plan)

This strategy is more structured than simply skimming or previewing a text. In this strategy, students' prior knowledge is elicited by the teacher's questions. These questions are geared towards helping students form mental associations about the topic, reflect on these associations, and reformulate their ideas before they read.
  1. Initial associations with the concept. The students make associations between prior knowledge and the new concept. The teacher prompts this by asking students to say what comes to their mind when they hear a key term or concept related to the material to be read. The teacher records these initial associations on the board.
  2. Reflecting on initial associations. As associations are recorded on the board, the teacher asks the students to elaborate on their responses by asking questions. At this step emphasize thinking about the associations and explaining your thinking to others.
  3. Reformulation of knowledge. The students are now asked to summarize or add any new ideas from their discussion. After listening to other students' associations, students often remember something they may have forgotten they knew.
  4. The students read the assigned text and review associations made.

Langer, J. A. (1981). From theory to practice: Pre-reading plan. Journal of Reading, 24(2), 152, 156.

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   FCAT Home > References > Strategies > Vocabulary > PRePSite Map   

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