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I Am NOT a Big Bad Wolf, Am I?

I'm not really a big bad wolf. Many people in this town, and others around the world, believe that I ate a helpless old lady, Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. I didn't. I couldn't have. I am innocent, but no one wants to listen to my story, which I am about to tell you.

I remember the day the terrible tragedy happened. It was Saturday, August 15th, 1997. It had been about two months since I moved to this town. I needed a job desperately. I had been without a job for almost a year. No one would hire me. I am not sure why, but I suspect one reason might be related to the way I look.

Although I think that I am just a regular-looking wolf, my friends have told me I look somewhat aggressive and threatening. I blame my mouth and teeth for this. You see, I have a big, wide mouth with many sharp teeth.

I moved to this town on June 15th, 1997. I had $500.00 in cash, which would have to last me until I found a job. Since I was uncertain about finding a job quickly, I knew that I had to be very careful about how I spent my money. I knew that I could only afford about $100.00 for rent, so when I found this little shack in the middle of the forest for only $75.00 a month, I rented it.

About a week later, after I moved into my new home, I discovered that I had a neighbor about a mile away. I was taking a walk through the forest when I saw a pretty little house. As I got closer to it, I saw a little old lady. She was working in a rose garden in the front of the house. I never thought about her again.

I soon became very involved in trying to find a job. I wrote letters and went on interviews. For two months I was very busy. Because of my busy schedule, I didn't have time to make new friends. So, when I was asked by the police if I had an alibi for August 15th, that is, a person who could account for my being with them, I truthfully said, "No." I told them I lived alone, and that I had spent all my time alone as well. These facts, I am sure, made them very suspicious. Add to it the fact that I am a stranger with a threatening face and no job and you can see how I soon became the #1 suspect.

A week after Little Red Riding Hood discovered her grandmother missing, I was arrested. Three months later, I was found guilty. The newspaper headlines cried, "Big Bad Wolf Dines on Little Old Lady!" I am saddened by such unfair and false comments. I wish I could tell you more of MY story, but the warden has just turned off the dull light in my prison cell. Maybe another time?

Chronological Order Activity

A. Found a new job

B. Tragedy happened

C. Discovered neighbor

D. Arrested

E. Found guilty

F. Moved to town

G. Moved into new home

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