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Based on the "Sunflower Seeds" story on the right, which answer below would complete area #2 in the cycle organizer?

The girls checked on the sunflower after the storm
Grandmother told the girls to wait a few more days
Someone stepped on the seed pushing it into the ground
Kay noticed a small plant in her backyard

cycle organizer
Sunflower Seeds

There was a mighty sunflower growing in Terri's backyard. The sunflower had many seeds on it. Terri and her best friend Kay both loved to eat the sunflower's seeds. Terri's grandmother had told them to wait a few more days and then the seeds would be ready to eat.

That night a strong storm hit. The wind blew many of the seeds off of the sunflower. The next day when the girls went out to check on the sunflower, they were disappointed to discover that many of its seeds had been blown away. What they didn't know was that the wind had carried one of the seeds several houses away to Kay's backyard.

The seed lay in Kay's backyard for several days before someone came along and stepped on it, pushing it into the ground.

As the days went by, the sun rose each day and warmed the ground where the seed lay. The rains came and gave the seed much needed water. A short while later, an amazing thing happened, a tiny little stem broke though the ground. The little seed had become a plant! As time went by, the plant continued to grow taller and stronger with the help of the sun, water, and ground.

One day as Kay was walking through her backyard on her way to Terri's house, she saw a small plant that she had not noticed before. Kay told Terri about the plant, and took her over to her house to show it to her. Kay was very excited that this little plant would blossom and give her sunflower seeds to eat, just like Terri's plant.

It took quite a while longer for Kay's sunflower to grow large enough to have seeds on it. Just as the seeds were becoming ripe another storm came and the winds blew Kay's sunflower and carried some of its seeds off to the yards of other houses in Kay and Terri's neighborhood.

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