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Gallery: Edison Misc

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Small office building built by Mrs. Edison as a birthday gift to her husband in 1929.

Desk in the small office building.


Memory Garden built by Charles Edison in memory of his mother.

Reflecting pool in the gardens.

Historical marker at the base of the pool. It reads, "Mother. Intangible, vague, but yet present. She labors without our ken, brooding, quiet and tender. She moulds us and makes us men. It is character she has given, chiseled and carved from the past. How little we knew she was working, but her work will remain to the last. Charles Edison."



Swimming pool. The concrete was constructed in 1910.

Swimming pool.


Palm trees and plants.

Dock on the Caloosahatchee River. Edison often fished from this dock.

Friendship walk. Visitors to Edison's home often brought engraved stones for his "friendship walk."

Friendship walk.

Behives. Edison kept bees to polinate his gardens and to produce wax for his experiments.


Home > Photos > Historic > Thomas Edison Home > Edison Misc
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