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Gallery: Industry (Miscellaneous)

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A photo of a bell at the sugar mill in St. Cloud, taken in 1909.

A photo from 1910 showing the Diston Sugar Mill at old St. Cloud.

A photo of a sugar mill near Lake Okeechobee.

A photo of the Sisal and Hemp Development Company in St. James City.

A photo of a hemp factory in St. James City around the turn of the century.

A photo of a turpentine still in north Florida.

A photo of turpentine trees in northern Florida.

A photo of the Hudson Pulp and Paper Corporation plant in Palatka.

Two photos of construction near a body of water on Pine Island in the early to mid-1900s.

Three pictures of construction by a small harbor in North Fort Myers.

A photo of the Southern Brewing Co. in Tampa on April 11, 1955.
An aerial photo of Tampa in 1971.
A photo of an advertisement for C.W. Patterson's undertaking business in the Tampa Daily Times on January 28, 1915.
A photo of the Continental Can Co. in Tampa.
A photo taken in 1940 of a dinner at the Marti Maceo Club.
A photo of Reed Martin Laboratories Inc. on Fort Myers Beach.
A photo of the Inter-County Telephone System building on Fort Myers Beach.
A photo taken around 1940 of men building a boat on the shore in Fort Myers.
A photo taken in 1976 of the first brewery in Ybor City.
A photo of the first steel ship contracted to Tampa Shipbuilding and Engineering Company.
A photo of a man putting finishing touches on golf balls in a shop in Tampa.
A photo of the Florida Portland Cement Company.
A photo advertisement for Florida Cement.
A photo of men overseeing and working on a roofing job at Cuscaden Park in Tampa on August 16, 1941.
A photo from 1908 showing the first ship to enter the mouth of the Rio Grande docked in Tampa.
A photo taken in August of 1972 of an oil rig in Big Cypress Swamp.



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