Time Capsule

screencap of Gallery: Everglades

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Have students make a video time capsule of the Everglades. Pretend the students are opening the capsule now, but it was made 100 years ago. What was the population of Florida, and what were the major natural disasters around that time? Were there any recorded hurricanes during that time? Which part of Florida was most populated during that time? Was anyone growing anything during that time? Sugar? Citrus? Tomatoes? Pineapples?

Standards this activity addresses:

Grades 9-12 (1996 Standards)
Strand D - Processes that Shape the Earth
1. The student recognizes that processes in the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, interact to shape the Earth. (SC.D.1.4) BM 1, 3, 4
2. The student understands the need for protection of the natural systems on Earth. (SC.D.2.4) BM 1
Strand F - Processes of Life
2. The student understands the process and importance of genetic diversity. (SC.F.2.4) BM 3
Strand G - How Living Things Interact With Their Environment
1. The student understands the competitive, interdependent, cyclic nature of living things in the environment. (SC.G.1.4) BM 1, 2
2. The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources. (SC.G.2.4) BM 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Strand H - The Nature of Science
1. The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems. (SC.H.1.4) BM 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
3. The student understands that science, technology and society are interwoven and interdependent. (SC.H.3.4) BM 1-6
Grades 9-12 (2008 Standards)
Body of Knowledge:
Nature of Science
Standard 1 - The Practice of Science SC.912.N.1.1 - N.1.7
Standard 2 - The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge SC.912.N.2.5
Standard 3 - The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models SC.912.N.3.1 - N.3.5
Standard 4 - Science and Society SC.912.N.4.1, N.4.2
Earth and Space Science
Standard 6 - Earth Structures SC.912.E.6.2, E.6.4, E.6.6
Standard 7 - Earth Systems and Patterns SC.912.E.7.4, E.7.5, E.7.6, E.7.8
Life Science
Standard 15 - Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms SC.912.L.15.9, L.15.13
Standard 17 - Interdependence SC.912.L.17.1- L.17.9, L.17.12 -L.17.20