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Stereoview Gallery: Fruit

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Fruit on the tree

Harvesting Indian River pineapples

A close up of a coconut palm showing the fruit in all stages of development

Farmers hiding among fruit trees

A wagon load of grapefruit, near Jupiter, Florida

Oleanders and coconuts growing

A Florida gold mine- grapefruit, Palm Beach

Picking strawberries for Christmas dinner, Hypoluxo

Pineapple field

Examining bananas on Palm Beach Farm Company's tract

Portrait of a fruit

Lemon trees

Fruit trees

Banana trees

Banana trees

Limbs of a gooseberry tree, West Palm Beach

Coconuts growing, Palm Beach

Blossom from a banana tree

Woman admiring fruit off the tree

Fruit trees

Fruit on the trees

Pineapple field

Loaded fruit trees

Fruit tree

Grapefruit on the tree

Close up of fruit on the tree

Fighting over a watermelon


Home > Florida in 3D > Industry > Fruit
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