Photos: Fort Breendonk Memorials

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Memorial tablet dedicated in 1957. "From September 20, 1940 to August 31, 1944, thousands of men were made prisoners of the Gestapo in the SS camp in Breendonk. On August 19, 1947, with the unanimous will of the parliament, the National Memorial of the Fort of Breendonk was created. In order to ensure the eternal conservation of the Fort and to maintain the memory of the events that took place there, so that this memory would stimulate the civic mind of the nation and favor the patriotic education of the youth. 1957."
The walls of the meditation room are covered with the names of former Breendonk inmates.
Stained glass window in the Breendonk shrine. Located in the former clothes storeroom, the shrine contains urns of ashes from all the main Nazi concentration camps. The red triangles in the window represent political prisoners.
Detail of stained glass window.
Urn containing ashes from Vught, a camp located in the Netherlands. In the background a portion of Wilchar's Breendonk Despair is visible.
Urn containing ashes from Buchenwald.
A parchment fragment written in Hebrew is on display in the Breendork shrine.
This plaque at the execution site lists the names of those known to have been executed at Breendonk.

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