Camp Memorials, A-M

The visuals in this gallery have been grouped into 17 categories. Click on the sample thumbnail photo to view all of the images in any category.
Auschwitz Memorials and Displays. Photographs of exhibits taken spring 1999. (15 photographs)
Bergen-Belsen. Views of the mass graves and other memorials. (25 photographs)
Breendonk. Views of the shrine and other memorials at Fort Breendonk in Belgium. (8 photographs)
Buchenwald Memorial, I. Entrance gate and seven stelae record preiods of suffering and resistance in Buchenwald. (29 photographs)
Buchenwald Memorial, II. The "Street of All Nations," the sculpture group by Fritz Cremer, and bell tower were designed as an impressive backdrop for East German ceremonies. (19 photographs)
Dachau Concentration Camp. Photographs taken spring 1999. (12 photographs)
Dachau: the Jewish Memorial. (8 photographs)
Dachau: the Protestant Memorial. (7 photographs)
Dachau: the Roman Catholic Memorial. (4 photographs)
Drancy, France. A monument by Shelomo Selinger marks the location of this deportation camp site. (18 photographs)
Ebensee. Various memorials at the site of the former forced labor camp. (19 photographs)
Majdanek Camp. Photographs of monuments at Majdanek Camp. (14 photographs)
Mauthausen Camp, I. The memorials of the nations including: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, and the Gypsy (Roma and Sinti) memorial. (28 photographs)
Mauthausen Camp, II. The memorials of the nations including: Hungary, the Jewish memorial, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, the Spanish Republican Army memorial, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. (27 photographs)
Mauthausen Camp, III. Other monuments and memorials at the camp. (11 photographs)
Mittelbau-Dora. Views of the commerative sculpture by the crematorium, the relief sculpture by the roll-call aquare, and the death march memorial. (19 photographs)

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