Photos: Memorial Art at Mauthausen Camp, III

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Sarcophagus. This memorial to the victims of Mauthausen was dedicated by the Austrian government.
Cemetery. This area, originally designed for quarantine huts, now contains the remains of 10,085 prisoners exhumed from a mass grave at Marbach.
Detail of cemetery.
Detail of cemetery.
The ash pile. The ashes of cremated inmates were dumped down this slope. A memorial now marks the location.
Location of the barracks called the "Jewish Block." Nearly all of the 2,700 to 2,800 Jews housed here from 1941 through 1944 were murdered.
Karbyshev monument. General Karbyshev and some 200 other prisoners were tortured and killed during the night of February 16, 1945. The prisoners were forced to stand outside in the winter night while cold water was poured over them. None survived.
Karbyshev monument.
In memory of those citizens of the United States of America, civilian and military, who suffered death here for their part in the fight against the Nazi regime.
"On the 6th and 7th September 1944, 40 Dutch and 7 British special agents who had been dropped above German occupied territory cruelly were put to death in this camp by the Nazis. Their bodies were burned in the crematorium. At the risk of their lives, Yugoslav and Russian prisoners buried the ashes of these war-heros it this place." --Netherlands War Graves Foundation
Drawing by Manuel Alfonso, a prisoner at Mauthausen.

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