Photos: Mauthausen Quarry and Garage Yard

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The "Death Steps" leading up out of the quarry.
There are 186 steps to the top.
Thousands of inmates were shot here or killed by falling rocks.
Inmates were pushed off this cliff by SS guards. It became known as the "Parachutists' Cliff."
View toward the south wall of the quarry. The East German memorial is visible in the upper left.
View across field where fifteen prisoner huts once stood.
Watch tower.
Exterior wall and watch tower.
Swimming pool for the use of the SS.
Exterior gate into the garage yard.
Detail of gate showing former location of Nazi eagle emblem. The eagle was pulled down by former inmates shortly after liberation.
Top of garage yard entrance gate showing remaining supports.
The garage yard.
1941 over garage yard entrance.
The garage yard looking toward the command headquarters.
The garage yard.
The garage yard.
Section of wall overlooking the garage yard.

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