Contemporary Camp Photographs, A-M

The visuals in this gallery have been grouped into 18 categories. Click on the sample thumbnail photo to view all of the images in any category.
Auschwitz. Photographs of the camp taken spring 1999. (28 photographs)
Birkenau. Photographs of the camp taken spring 1999. (27 photographs)
Breendonk, I. Exterior photographs of the combination prison/labor camp/transit camp north of Brussels, Belgium. (31 photographs)
Breendonk, II. Interior photographs Fort Breendonk including hallways, barracks, cells, courtroom, and torture chamber. (23 photographs)
Buchenwald, I. SS housing, kennel, quarry, the zoological garden, and various towers and fences around the camp. (27 photographs)
Buchenwald, II. Views of the gate building, storehouse, canteen, and other locations in the barracks area. (10 photographs)
Buchenwald, III. Crematorium with its ovens, pathology rooms, execution cellar, and urns. (14 photographs)
Dachau. Photographs taken in 1999, 2001, and 2005. (30 photographs)
Majdanek, I. Models and general views of the extermination camp. (12 photographs)
Majdanek, II. Photographs of barracks and shoes at Majdanek Camp. (20 photographs)
Majdanek, III. Photographs of the gassing facility at Majdanek Camp. (40 photographs)
Majdanek, IV. Photographs of the crematorium. (15 photographs)
Mauthausen, I. Photographs of the quarry, the pool, and the garage yard. (18 photographs)
Mauthausen, II. Photographs of the command headquarters, gate, barracks, sick quarters, jail, kitchen, and laundry. (22 photographs)
Mauthausen, III. Photographs of building interiors and displays. (19 photographs)
Mittelbau-Dora, I. Views of the central part of the camp including the camp entrance and the ruins of nearby buildings including the camp kitchen and prison. (34 photographs)
Mittelbau-Dora, II. Views of the boiler-house, laundry, cinema, barracks, bath, delousing station, and crematorium. (40 photographs)
Mittelbau-Dora, III. Views inside the tunnel including V1 rocket parts. (14 photographs)

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