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The Janusz Korczak Living Heritage Association

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Korczak Association was founded in 1971 by Michal Wroblewski, a former co-worker of Korczak's in Poland. The Association was formally registered in 1988 and throughout its existence it has maintained an affiliation with the Stockholm Teacher's College.

The purpose of the Association is to disseminate information on Janusz Korczak and his lifework. With the support of approximately 100 members as well as various donations and grants, the Association has worked towards its primary aim of publishing Swedish translations of Korczak's most important written productions. A report titled "Janusz Korczak - a Humanistic Educator" was published in 1982 on the occasion of a symposium on Janusz Korczak. This report contains various articles illustrating Korczak's personality, his humanitarian philosophy and his educational methods.

Two major Korczak books on education have been published in Swedish translation: "The Child's Right to Respect" and "How to love a child". Several articles on Korczak have also been published in Swedish newspapers and magazines. Radio programs on Korczak have been produced on both Swedish and Finnish radio.

An advanced course for teachers on "The Child in School" has been given in collaboration with the Stockholm Teacher's College and the University of Stockholm. Janusz Korczak and his educational philosophy have been given special attention during this course.

The Stockholm Teacher's College has set aside a "Korczak room" at the college for the Association's meetings and for a library of visual aids and books about and by Korczak in various languages. The Association also publishes Chronicle which details current articles and activities related to Janusz Korczak.

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