Means Used by the Nazi Conspiractors in Gaining Control of the German State (Part 6 of 55)

Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter VII

(4) The leadership of the Nazi Party.

(a) The Nazi Party leadership was the sole bearer of the doctrines of the Nazi Party. The Party Organization Book declares:

"The Party as an instrument of ideological education, must grow to be the Leader Corps (Fuehrer Korps) of the German Nation. "This Leader Corps is responsible for the complete penetration of the German Nation with the National Socialist spirit******" (1893-PS) "The Party is the order of fuehrers. It is furthermore responsible for the spiritual ideological National Socialist direction of the German people."(1814-PS)

Referring to the mission of the Ortsgruppenleiter (local chapter leader) of the NSDAP, the Party Organization Book states:

"As Hoeheitstraeger (bearer of sovereignty) all expressions of the party will emanate from him; he is responsible for the political and ideological leadership and organization within his zone of sovereignty." (1893-PS) Similar statements are made with regard to the Kreisleiter (county leader) and the Gauleiter (Gau leader) and the Reich Directorate (1893-PS).

(b) The Nazi Party leadership was entitled to control and dominate the German state and all related institutions and all individuals therein. Hitler said at the 1935 Nurnberg Party Congress: "It is not the State which gives orders to us, it is we who give orders to the State." (2775-PS) Frick declared in a similar vein: "In National Socialist Germany, leadership is in the hands of an organized community, the National Socialist Party; and as the latter represents the will of the nation, the policy adopted by it in harmony with the vital interests of the nation is at the same time the policy adopted by the country. *********" (2771-PS)

Goebbels declared:

"The Party must always continue to represent the hierarchy of National Socialist leadership. This minority must always insist upon its prerogative to control the state. *********It is responsible for the leadership of the state and it solemnly relieves the people of this responsibility." (2771-PS)

Hess remarked that the Party was a "necessity" in the German State and constituted the cohesive mechanism with which to "or- [Page 196] ganize and direct offensively and defensively the spiritual and political strength of the people." (2426-PS) Nazi interpreters of constitutional law expressed the same idea:

"The NSDAP is not a structure which stands under direct state control, to which single tasks of public administration are entrusted by the state, but it holds and maintains its claim to totality as the 'bearer of the German state-idea' in all fields relating to the community -- regardless of how various single functions are divided between the organization of the Party and the organization of the State." (2771-PS) This doctrine was incorporated into laws which established the NSDAP as "the only political party in Germany" and declared the NSDAP "The bearer of the German state idea" and "indissolubly linked to the state." (1388-A-PS; 195-PS)

(c) The Nazi Party leadership was entitled to destroy all opponents. Reference is made generally to Sections 2 and 3 on the Acquisition and Consolidation of Political Control of Germany for proof of this allegation.

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