Faculty Offices 1960-1968

Chemistry building
From 1960 to 1968, the Chemistry building, shown above, provided offices for many of College of Education faculty.

From 1960 until 1968, the College of Education did not have a permanent building solely dedicated for its use. The faculty had offices and taught their classes in the Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Library, and Physical Education buildings. While it was often challenging for the faculty and staff to not have a central location, faculty members were able to create opportunities that had long-term benefits for the College. For example, Dean Jean Battle used the situation to promote his all-university approach to teacher preparation and encouraged faculty members to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines and departments. During the founding years of the College, faculty members had joint appointments in a second academic area in the College of Basic Studies. Several faculty members from that era have related that they were able to form friendships and professional relationships with faculty from other colleges at USF that lasted throughout their careers.

With the completion of its own building in 1968, the College of Education began to take form of other traditional colleges of education. While there were many benefits to being housed under one building, there were fewer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. The opening of the new building marked the start of a new era of growth and opportunities that would propel the College in the direction of becoming one of the largest public colleges of education in the nation.

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