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Main Idea with Supporting Details

What is the story about? You can think of the main idea as an umbrella that covers the other information in the paragraph or passage. The supporting details are more specific than the main idea. They may be the specific reasons, details, or examples that illustrate the main idea.

Sunshine State Standards

Strand A: Reading

Standard 2: The student constructs meaning from a wide range of texts.

Benchmark LA.A.2.2.1:
The student determines the main idea or essential message from text and identifies supporting information.

Strand E: Literature

Standard 2: The student responds critically to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.

Benchmark LA.E.2.2.4:
The student identifies the major theme in a story or nonfiction text.

Benchmark LA.E.2.2.5:
The student forms his or her own ideas about what has been read in a literary text and uses specific information from the text to support these ideas.

   FCAT Home > References > Strategies > Main IdeaSite Map   

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