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Semantic Mapping

This strategy helps students organize information using a graphic organizer. Semantic mapping enables students to not only visualize relationships, but to categorize them as well. As a direct teaching strategy that includes brainstorming and teacher-led discussions, it provides opportunities for schema development and enhancement, as well as prediction, hypothesizing and verification of content when used as a pre-reading activity. It is also referred to as a web or concept map.
  1. The teacher introduces a graphic organizer to the class. It can have several different appearances. It can be shown as circles, squares, or ovals with connecting lines.
  2. The students read an assigned text.
  3. Through class discussion, the teacher writes the main idea of the text in the middle of the top circle.
  4. The students share the supporting details of the main idea and place them in circles that are connected to the main idea by lines.
  5. This activity can also be used by students in cooperative groups or individually.

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   FCAT Home > References > Strategies > Main Idea > Semantic MappingSite Map   

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