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Gallery: Night Photos

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An Atlas-Agena 5 carrying the Mariner 1 spacecraft at lift off at Cape Kennedy Launch Complex 12. The Mariner spacecraft was scheduled to orbit Venus.

The Apollo 17 Space Vehicle sits poised beneath a full moon on Launch Pad 39A during launch countdown.

The Space Shuttle Columbia arrives at Pad 39B early in the morning after being rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building the night before.

The second try works like a charm as the Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off from Launch Pad 39B on Mission STS-56 at 1:29:00 a.m., EDT, April 8. First attempt to launch Discovery on its 16th space voyage was halted at T-11 seconds on April 6.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis blazes through the night sky to begin the STS-86 mission, slated to be the seventh of nine planned dockings of the Space Shuttle with the Russian Space Station Mir. Liftoff on September 25 from Launch Pad 39A was at 10:34 p.m. EDT, within seconds of the preferred time, during a six minute, 45 second launch window.

A full moon is outdazzled by the lights of the launch gantries below on Missile Row as they stretch north along the shoreline of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.


Home > Photos > NASA > Night Photos
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